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About Europeer Exchange

We offer simple solutions for carriers of any size with varied requirements and providing our highly valued clients with easy and delicate solutions with no hurdles


Europeer effectively connects people and businesses around the world

Europeer is a company that was founded in the telecom market in 2012. The idea of ​creating a company arose from the complexity of telecommunication systems, which are developing and growing exponentially. Therefore, small start-ups or large companies require highly qualified specialists.


Average Increase

Average duration of cooperation with our partners and clients



We have implemented more than 50 worldwide interconnections

Our vision

Simplicity matters regardless of the extremely high complexity of underlying technologies. It is the most effective approach in service provisioning


Years of experience

We started with interconnection, but now we provide a wide range of in-demand telecommunication services:

For many years, our company continues to develop every day and is a constant participant in international telecommunication conferences. We have assembled a highly qualified team from different regions, which allows us to easily communicate with partners from different countries and better understand their needs in order to provide the desired result.

The ability to connect to any region of the world. Through our connections, we offer wholesale voice communication services for wholesale carriers. We provide high quality services internationally while maintaining competitive and affordable prices. We cooperate with the largest market operators, including TIER-1 operators.

Safe and high-quality Internet access for medium and large enterprises. IP transit provides high-speed Internet access, IPLC provides a secure private line to connect international offices, L2 / L3 VPN services to establish a secure and stable connection for the exchange of confidential or commercial information.

Ability to set up corporate messages in A2P format. They do not give a response from the client and are used in the case of two-factor authentication (2FA), alerts or PINs. By ordering the SMS service, you can be in touch with your employees or clients.

Combining all devices and things working from the Internet into a single network. The ability to integrate the Internet of Things into various business processes and the formation of a holistic intelligent connected urban infrastructure. Sensor management allows data to be analyzed and exchanged within the network.